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Textbook Information

General Information about Textbooks and eBooks

Inclusive Access

Increased Affordability. Immediate Access.

The Inclusive Access program changes the way you get your course materials. This program is less expensive than other options; we negotiated a better price based on course enrollment. Your materials needed for success in these courses are much cheaper than traditional print materials. This program gives students access to course materials on the first day of class and allows for more interactive digital content.

How does it work?

- Instead of purchasing a printed access card at the CMU Bookstore, you will now have immediate access to your course materials on your course's BlackBoard on the first day of class. Students are sent an email one week before classes begin with instructions on how to access their digital course materials content.

- Your student account will be charged the discounted rate for the materials.

- If students choose to opt out, they can do so easily via a link on the email before the deadline; access is turned off and a refund will be issued. Access is still required to succeed in the course. It is much cheaper and more convenient to stay in the Inclusive Access Program.

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Online Ordering

Our Textbook Comparison Tool allows customers to compare our prices with those of other Internet Retailers like Amazon, Half, etc. Once you have compared the prices, you can select in store pick up and we will have your books waiting for you when you arrive. If you would like your textbooks shipped directly to you, please select the shipping option. Please allow 24-48 hours for order processing once the order is placed.

To compare Textbook prices and order online click the link below.

Rental Textbooks

Save money instantly!

Students may choose to rent their textbooks for the semester. This option allows the student to save money instantly at the time of purchase. The rental price is significantly lower than the total price of purchasing the book. All rental textbooks must be returned to the CMU Bookstore at the end of each semester. The rental return deadline will be the Saturday of Graduation for each semester.

Textbook Buyback

Sell back your textbooks

Textbook buyback is a way to sell your books back and recoup some of the money you have spent on books if you choose not to keep them. Students can sell back their textbooks and receive cash immediately. We will buy back textbooks throughout the year, but the best time to sell back is the week before exams through finals. Damaged books, books missing software or pages, and course packs are not accepted. Make sure at the time of purchase that all components of the text and/or package are accounted for. The CMU Bookstore will pay up to 50% of the new book price (whether or not the book was purchased new or used elsewhere) provided the book will be used again on campus, the instructor has submitted an order for the book, we are not overstocked, and the book is in resalable condition (light highlighting is okay).

For books no longer being used on campus, no textbook order has been submitted, or overstock situations, we will pay a wholesale price based on national demand as long as the books are in current editions (be aware that textbooks are being revised approximately every two years and not all books have a wholesale value). Those books are sold to a wholesaler who sells them to other schools throughout the U.S.

By selling back your textbooks to the CMU Bookstore, you leave with cash in hand, and help insure more used textbooks are available for other Central Michigan University students at the most reasonable prices possible.

Textbook Return/Refund Policy

Full refunds on textbooks purchased from the CMU Bookstore will be given up the the refund deadline for the specific semester. Refunds will not be given without a sales receipt or on special order books. New books must be free of all markings (i.e. pen, pencil, highlighting). Wrapped books, books containing software, and course packs must be unopened. Do not open, write, or highlight in any of your new books or open course packs until you are absolutely sure that you won't need to return them. Customers will be given a copy of our refund policy with the refund deadline at the time of purchase.

Need Help?

Contact us with any questions you have about textbooks.

Phone: (989) 774-5829